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Back Pain

Sooner or later an amazing 8 out of every 10 people will suffer through an incapacitating attack of low back pain. Of people who suffer with back pain for two weeks or longer, 40 percent will end up seeing a chiropractor. Studies have shown that the decision to see a chiropractor is wise. The US Agency for Health Care Policy and Research recently appointed a panel of medical experts who reviewed some 3,900 studies on care for acute low back pain. The panel rejected bedrest, surgery (except rare cases), injections into the back, and all oral prescription drugs (such as antidepressants or steroids). In contrast, they found that spinal manipulation, which usually is performed by a chiropractor, "can be helpful for patients with acute low back problems." For pain, they found over-the-counter medications (aspirin, etc.) worked as well as prescriptions but with fewer side effects.

Effective treatment begins with the most thorough exam in order to determine all the cause of the problem. Spinal adjustments are used to restore proper function to injured or dysfunctional joints. Dr. Underwood has extensive training and special equipment to provide flexion distraction adjustments, which stretch out the structures of the low back and are especially effective at reducing sciatica (low back pain with pain down the leg). Scar tissue and muscle adhesions will be addressed with Active Release. Other therapies such as Massage, electric stimulation, Kinesio Tape, and ThermoActive Compression braces may be used to reduce the pain of new back injury and chronic back pain. Rehabilitative exercises and stretches will be recommended as needed to provide the patient long term core stability.