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Welcome to Underwood Chiropractic. Since starting practice, I have grown accustomed to seeing instant results and rapid relief with chiropractic care. Back pain, neck pain, and headaches are conditions where I often see patients walk into the clinic feeling awful and walk out minutes later smiling and pain free. With Active Release, shoulder pain/instability, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis are conditions where results are often instantaneous. In my opinion, the ability to frequently provide instant relief is only overshadowed by the restored function of my patients as the most rewarding part of the profession.

If you or a family member are putting up with pain, muscle tightness, numbness, or other symptoms; I invite you to read these testimonials and schedule a free consultation. I will personally take the time to explain how chiropractic care, soft tissue therapy, and functional rehabilitation will work to resolve the problem condition.

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Dr. Scott R. Underwood DC CCSP ART CKPT
Underwood Chiropractic LLC
O'Fallon, Illinois

I have been a lifelong runner and have been blessed to never have experienced any type of injury beyond typical aches and minor discomfort. My luck ran out in November of 2014 when I had a major bout with ITB Syndrome. With my first full marathon just three months away, my training runs were cut down to a maximum of two mile runs due to the amount of pain I was experiencing. I knew I could not achieve my goal in the condition which I was in.

Like most other people, I began reading articles and searching the internet for tips on how to treat this beast. I tried foam rolling, icing, stretching and hip flexor strengthening exercises. All of these were great and much needed however; I needed something quicker and more useful in order to my body in shape for my Sunday long runs as I prepared for my February marathon.

 I reached out to a running expert in my community and she recommended making an appointment with Dr. Underwood in O’Fallon and that he was certified in ART (Active Release Technique). I made the call and met with Dr. Underwood just one day later. I was very impressed right away with Dr. Underwood’s down to earth demeanor. After a series of questions and a short examination, he informed me of his treatment plan. Dr. Underwood caught me off guard when he said he would expect me to be able to increase my mileage from two to four after the first adjustment. The day after my first treatment, I hopped on the treadmill and ran 4 ½ miles until I had to stop due to the pain…and increase of 2 ½ miles after one adjustment. My skepticism was already beginning to fade after just one adjustment. I went back to Dr. Underwood later that same week and continued to do so for a total of 5 treatments, increasing my mileage significantly after each visit. On January 11, 2015, I ran 20 miles pain free and I now have the confidence and peace of mind knowing that when I step up to the starting line on February 15th, I will be well prepared to complete my first marathon. A huge thank you to Dr. Underwood and his staff of professionals for a job well done!


Joshua Dutton

“Dr. Scott Underwood and Active Release Techniques are the most effective recovery and injury prevention methods that I’ve ever used. With his help, I have accomplished more in the past year than I had ever expected.  Being a national and international competitive bench presser, you are bound to run into tearing and soft tissue damage.  Dr. Underwood has helped me address these areas and other potential risks (via ART).  He is an expert on understanding human performance.  Now, I feel that I can make consistent gains throughout the year.  I really like the ART approach to injury treatment and prevention.  Many other methods are too inconsistent; ART is flawless.

Since I’ve used Active Release Techniques with Dr. Scott Underwood, I placed third at the 2009 USA Powerlifting Bench Press National Championships with a lift of 611 pounds in the 242 pound weight class.  This lift placed me on the 2009 IPF USA World Bench Press Team.  In this first international level competition, I placed sixth and nearly captured the Gold medal, missing the winning lift by a slight margin.  This accomplishment would not have been possible without Dr. Underwood ’s assistance.

My future goals are to gain selection to future World Bench Teams and ultimately capture a gold medal. I know my chances are better with the care and treatment from Dr. Scott Underwood and Underwood Chiropractic for his unequaled  experience in athletic performance care.  I look forward to future success thanks to Dr. Underwood .”

-Brady Stewart

Brady Stewart of the Belleville Weightlifting Club is an elite world class bench presser who has been competing in powerlifting for six years.  He is the USA Powerlifting American Record Holder in the 242 pound weight class, two time Junior National Champion and USA Powerlifting official.

"After nearly thirty two years as a competitive powerlifter, the cumulative effects of training resulted in degenerative joint disease that threatened to end my lifting career. Severe shoulder pain and markedly reduced range of motion made training nearly impossible. My orthopedic surgeon was recommending a complete joint replacement. Through a friend's recommendation, I started seeing Dr. Underwood and after 3 months of Active Release Treatment the results have been unbelievable. I no longer have any discomfort, have significantly increased range of motion - but more importantly have gotten stronger! My bench press has increased over 25 pounds and I look forward to defending my national title at this year's United States Powerlifting Bench Press Championships. This would not be possible without the invaluable assistance of Dr. Scott Underwood."

-Dana Rosenzweig

Dana Rosenzweig is a six time member of the USA Powerlifting World Masters Bench Press Team and bronze medalist at the 2004 World Masters Bench Press Championships. He is CEO of the Belleville Weightlifting Club and holder of numerous state and national records.

"The treatment I have had with Dr. Underwood has been absolutely amazing! After suffering with shoulder pain for a year, and having gone to a different chiropractor and through physical therapy, I am thrilled to have been referred to Dr. Underwood for his ART (Active Release Technique). I am finally pain free after only 5 visits".

I wish I would have tried this therapy sooner.


“I had been having problems with my right arm since Feb 08. I could barely lift the coffee pot in the morning, and I had to lift my right arm up with my left in order to use a blow dryer. While visiting my daughter in November she told me about Dr. Underwood and how he had helped her. I decided to give him a try and as it turned out out it was a great decision. After 5 treatments my arm was back to NORMAL. It is now 3 months later and my arm is still giving me NO problems. Thank You Dr. Underwood


“After a five car pile-up I thought I would have back pain for the rest of my life.  After a year of Physical Therapy and another year of Chiropractic care from an office in Wisconsin I was released with the statement from my doctors “This is as good as it’s going to get.”  This is not the response that I wanted, but I accepted it and went on with my life.  Six years later I met Scott Underwood.  Within five sessions with him and following the advice that he told me, my back pain has faded to near nothing and the way that I work has changed for the better.  I highly recommend Scott Underwood for your Chiropractic care.  A.R.T. ROCKS!!!”

Tray Berry
Tray Berry Photography

“I have been a weightlifter and competitive bodybuilder for over 20 yrs.  Over the years I have suffered many injuries that have threatened my career.  When I came to see Dr. Underwood I have been nursing a bad shoulder injury for the last 12-14 months.  I ALSO have been dealing with chronic low back pain for several years.  About 12 months prior I pulled a hamstring.  I have been getting deep tissue message once every two week for about 10 months and see very little progress.  The first visit with Dr. Underwood was focused on my right shoulder and right hamstring.  The results were remarkable.  He immediately increased range of motion in my shoulder and work on the hamstring helped with my low back pain.  I have now been seeing Dr. Underwood for about 3 months the shoulder pain and hamstring injuries are nearly gone.  My low back is at nearly 80% to normal.  My weight training is revitalized.  I feel that if I would not have met Dr. Underwood the injuries I had been suffering would have soon ended my career in Competitive Bodybuilding and also my hobby of 20 yrs.”


“The treatment I have received from Dr. Scott Underwood has been truly amazing! After suffering with pain from a left shoulder injury for the last 18 years, it feels great to be pain-free. I’ve tried a variety of therapies, none of which were successful in relieving the pain. Dr. Underwood ’s use of the ART method combined with his chiropractic skill, have provided me the most benefit than all other therapies. He was able to get the root of the problem fix it within 8 visits. As a former military office with 15 years of service, I have to applaud the effective, no-nonsense approach to treatment! Most of all, I am so very grateful that I am able to enjoy life, pain-free!”


Four years ago I injured my right shoulder so badly that I was unable to use my right arm for even the smallest tasks. The pain was interfering with my duties as a member of the United States Air Force and as a mother of a 2 year old. Over a two year span, I tried various physical therapists and one sports medicine physician. Neither produced any relief so I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to live with the on-going pain. Thankfully, a co-worker recommended Dr. Underwood and his soft-tissue technique - Active Release (ART).  Within weeks, Dr. Underwood gave me my right arm back using Active Release Technique (ART), it was unbelievable! I am now able to do all aspects of my military physical training, play with my daughter and can even drive without my arm going numb. I can say it is because of Dr. Underwood uses Active Release Technique (ART) and cares so much about his patients! I only wish I would have tried ART sooner!

-Gabby, Active Duty Senior Airman, United States Air Force

“I am 33 year old mother of 3 boys and full time Telecommunication Supervisor. I had ongoing headaches, shoulder pain and neck pain for about 7 years and just endured the pain until I could no longer perform my daily activities. I spent a couple years trying regular chiropractic care, physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications and painkillers. I then met with Dr. Scott Underwood, a chiropractor who specializes in sport related injuries and ART. When I first started with Dr. Underwood, I certainly had my doubts, but Dr. Underwood doesn’t simply “crack your joints.” With his current, updated treatment modalities and expertise (such as Cox Technique and Active Release), he worked not only the joints, but also the tendons and muscles. He treated my injuries one at a time.

My headaches were first. I got to the point were the pain was manageable and I was able to limit my painkillers and partake in my daily activities. I though that if this was as good as it gets, I could live with this. I continued with treatments and daily exercise and got to a point where my headaches were very infrequent!

With my shoulder and neck pain, I was hoping for a 50% improvement. Several years ago, I had been treated by different chiropractors and had been doing daily back stretches for the past 7 years. Some days were just “okay” and some were not. Even though I experienced success with my neck with Dr. Underwood , I still had my doubts that he could “fix” my shoulder pain after all these years. After all, having pain for so long makes you just accept it as an everyday obstacle. With treatments from Dr. Underwood , I again got to a point where things got a lot better. I though maybe my shoulder pain could get as good as my neck in time, it did.

I can now perform work duties, sit in a car, and turn my head without pain. But more important to me, I am able to physically interact with my 3 sons pain-free. I can hold and carry them, play and run with them, and even ride my bike without any pain.

My most exciting improvement you ask? I can sleep until my alarm sounds instead of sluggishly heading for the ibuprofen to clam my pain that kept me up all night.”


“I was having pain in my left shoulder/neck after two days of working on a patio. I had seen a chiropractor and received treatment consisting of ultrasound and manipulation. This helped a little but I was still in a lot of pain. Enough to prevent getting a good night of sleep as well as really hampering my running or riding (bicycle). I continued with this type of treatment for month & a half. I read up about Active Release Technique (ART) and emailed Dr Scott Underwood about my situation. After we talked via email and telephone I came in for a treatment. After only a couple treatments a lot of the pain was gone and able to get a good night sleep and resume training. After only 5 visits my shoulder and neck are probably at about 98% healed. I was amazed and truly how happy how well ART worked. I’d recommend anyone with a sports injury or pain to call and see if ART would help.”


"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the amazing results I have seen from the treatments I have received from. I have been to several different Chiropractors and Physicians over the past several years trying to get some type of relief for the numerous injuries and or damage I have suffered throughout my years of sports and weight training. As many of your clients may know, I had very little relief in the past with many of the other professionals that I was either referred to or just chose on my own. But I can now say that I am seeing true results and feeling a lot better since I have s started coming to your office and going through your treatments. As you know, I have been to your office for more than one ailment, and after each I leave with a majority of the pain gone and even full relief sometimes. Thanks to you and your skills and treatments I can continue to train at the level which I do and take very passionately. You are very professional and also very personable, I have reached you on your private cell phone after hours and on weekends in which you make time for out your schedule and treated me. I just wanted to thank you for all that you done for me. Good luck and I am sure I will see you soon."

Sincerely, Pat Business Representative Teamster Local Union No. 50

"My daughter is a softball player and plays the catching position. She suffered a stress fracture in her lumbar spine in 2007 and was faced with 18 months rehabilitation before she could even play again. We learned of Dr. Scott Underwood from my daughter's strength and conditioning coach. Dr. Underwood and his ART therapy has been a miracle for my daughter. He has kept her in the game. We learned proper exercises, stretches, and he keeps her body properly aligned. She is stronger, and in the best shape she could be in, considering the grueling position of catcher and the toll it takes on her body. We learned how the muscles, bones, joints etc. all work together and what it takes to maintain a high level of performance. Also, we learned how important stretching, exercises, using ice, resistances, rest, and keeping your body aligned leads to fewer injuries or re-injuring yourself. We make visits as needed to Dr. Underwood to keep her body in good shape. Dr. Underwood is the most caring, intelligent, and best of all, the nicest person we have ever dealt with; his professionalism and ability to educate you while treating you is second to none. He cares about his patients and will do whatever it takes for his patients including being available with a phone call. We would recommend Dr. Scott Underwood to anyone; especially any athletes. If you have pain of any kind it's not normal, it's an indication that something is not right. Dr. Underwood will help you find out the problem and get it fixed. He's not only a chiropractor, but he is like a physical therapist, massage therapist, and sports medicine all in one. Thank you Dr. Underwood for all you have done and will do. You are the best!!!"


"Any serious lifter will tell you that if you lift long and hard enough you will eventually hurt yourself in one way or another. I've been power lifting since 2005, specializing in the bench press. Since that time I've occurred different types of injuries, especially with my upper body. I've never been a big fan of "regular" doctor's, but since being recommended to Dr. Scott Underwood I have come further with his treatment in the Active Release technique (ART) than I though I could."

"In 2008, I suffered an injury to my left shoulder. I continued to train through the pain, but it became harder because the pain continued to increase. After going to Dr. Underwood , I noticed the pain getting less immediately. Dr. Underwood was doing an amazing job on my shoulder, but I pushed it harder than he recommended and I re-injured my shoulder worse than before. After a few months out of the gym, along with Dr. Underwood 's ART treatments I became pain free again and have gained all my strength back. If it wasn't for Dr. Underwood I would not be able to train the way I do today and hopefully for years to come. With any luck, I will be in the top 5 benchers of my weight class and break my current state record."

"Dr. Underwood also has worked my lower body as well. His knowledge of the human body and how it works is like none I've seen. It is truly amazing the understanding he has and his ability to work with the different muscles, tendons, ligament, joints and other areas of the human body. With this said, a great deal of thanks goes to Dr. Scott Underwood."