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Find the ThermoActive™ Cold and Hot Compression Therapy Product That's Right for You:

ThermoActive™ Cold and Hot Therapy Products

The ThermoActive™ Cold & Hot Compression Support is a patented circumferential compression therapy system that is more effective than any other conventional wraps found at drug stores. Our unique therapeutic device combines the benefits of cold or hot therapy with compression in a comfortable, conformable, easy to use support allowing tighter, targeted therapy surrounding treatment areas. If you suffer from any significant pain stemming from chronic pain, arthritis, recent or acute injuries then ThermoActive is the product that will help accelerate your recovery. More healthcare professionals recommend ThermoActive™ because it can be customized for each patient to deliver focused pain relief with greater control. And, only ThermoActive™ can provide this therapeutic treatment while still allowing total mobility. The benefits of using a ThermoActive™ Support for your injury, post-operative pain, or chronic pain include:

  • Precise fit to provide deep tissue treatment
  • Mobility while being treated
  • Compression and support options
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Latex free
  • Washable and reusable

With the easily removable hook and loop gel pack, it’s easy to prepare for icing (in the freezer) or heat (in the microwave) treatment. Results in minutes.

Back Support

Back Support - $124.00

Wrist Support

Hand/Wrist Support - $86.00

Thigh Support

Thigh Support - $99.00

Calf/Arm Support

Calf/Forearm Support - $86.00

Knee Support

Knee Support - $99.00

Elbow Support

Elbow Support - $99.00

ankle support

Ankle Support - $86.00

Shoulder Support

Shoulder Support - $115.00